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5 Fastest Road Cars in the World

dfddHaving a sleek ride is okay, but to own one of the 5 fastest road cars in the world is much, much better. More than just style, it will give you convenience and power. So, if you’re planning to buy a car in the near future, or if you’re just curious, read on to learn about the fastest cars that ever hit the road!

1) Porsche 918 Spyder

Are you looking for speed and energy efficiency? If yes, then this Porsche is for you! A hybrid car that performs well, and is, according to many car enthusiasts, not an intimidating ride! On top of trying to reduce fuel consumption, it also decreases CO2 emission, talk about being environment-friendly! For more than a million dollars, this sweet ride, which runs 214 miles per hour, can be yours!

2) Laborghini Aventador LP 704

You might have seen this sexy ride somewhere and you thought: “Wow. It sure looks striking!” But more than just good looks, this car also offers dual hydraulic circuit brake system and active aerodynamics. The best part is it can run for a staggering speed of 217 miles per hour! Any guy who drives this will be as classic and as sleek as the Lamborhini car. Don’t you just find that red color appealing?

fffs3) Ferrari LaFerrari

It wouldn’t be fair to talk about cars and not mention Ferrari. If we’re talking about speed, then they have LaFerrari— a stunning ride that can travel up to 62 mph in just three seconds! This car thrives on performance, what with its petrol and electric power. If you can shell out a million and a half dollars, this ride can be yours!

4) Shelby SuperCars Ultimate Aero

A car that runs so fast that you will feel like flying? It is possible! S SC Ultimate Aero held the title of “world’s fastest car” for more than three years– and for a good reason! Did you know that it has twin turbo V8 engine and that it can run at the speed of 257 miles per hour? With its smooth exterior and enduring motor, no wonder it costs more than 600 grand!

5) Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 16.4

257 miles per hour? Is that possible?! Well, for the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, it is! The genius car designer Ettore Bugatti believes that a great car should have a perfect technology encased in an aesthetically appealing exterior, so the moment you lay your eyes on this black and red-orange car, you will fall in love! Immediately after it was launched in the year 2010, Guinness World Records declared that it was the fastest road car in the world, and to this day, it is still unbeaten. Getting your hands on its stirring wheel will surely be an achievement!

So, what do you think of these 5 fastest road cars in the world? If you will be given a choice now, what will you pick? In my opinion– they are all great– so any one of them will do!…