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Sure Ways To Increase AdSense Earnings


Google AdSense is a program that pays webmasters for the Ads that run on their websites and blogs. Most of the webmasters today work hard to make sure they get many followers on their website as well as earn some real money, but this turns out to be a difficult task for them. On the other hand, you might keep on wondering what other bloggers do since they get a lot of money through their AdSense Ads on their sites. You can learn more at  www.phonetipsandtricks.com/increase-adsense-earnings/. If you are in such situation, do not lose hope, and a glad you are reading this article because you will be conversant with various ways to boost the potential of your websites as well as your AdSense earning.


Choose the right AdSense format

There are a variety of AdSense formats to choose from such as the large and medium rectangular format measuring (336 by 280) and (300 by 250) respectively. This two format are popular, and their link looks the same as the web link. This is important because as well known, most of the audience avoids Ads and by having the links look alike is a good way to make them click on your Ads and thus increase AdSense earnings.

The color scheme of your website

When it comes to color scheme, make sure the color of your AdSense resembles that of your site. By doing this, you are making it clear to your audience that the Ad is a part of your site. In addition to that, the color of your AdSense link should also match with that of the website.

AdSense placement/position

Some bloggers place their Ads below the fold while others above the fold but the fact remains that those who place their Ads above the fold earns more. This is very true because most of the audiences will never bother scrolling down the page. This is why it is very paramount to position your Ads on top where they are visible without scrolling.

Make your Ads relevant

Your AdSejm3ekdm72yed7u2du82i92nse should match with the main content as this is a good way to influence the visitors on clicking the Ads for more information. As you do that, make sure you filter the Ads that are not bringing income and yet they are displayed on your website. By following the above critical tips, you are guaranteed that you will get more people clicking your Ads and thus increase AdSense earnings. Since you are targeting more viewers, make sure your Ads have useful information to the visitors as this will make them seek for more.…