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Meyer Lemon Tree: Tips and Advice


The Meyer lemon tree is popular in many homes. When the tree is properly taken care of and grafted fruit production will be facilitated in less than two years. The Meyer Lemon tree is grown from the tree fruit to a mature tree in less than seven years. Some of the reasons as to why this tree is famous in many homes are the fragrant and sporadic flowering and the evergreen foliage. The production of the lemons is usually an added advantage although there are people who grow the tree for commercial purposes. Let us explore what the Meyer Lemon trees are:


Meyer Lemon Tree

The Meyer lemon tree refers to a hybrid of the lemon tree that was released by the University of California in 1975. Before that period, the jjjhjhbnlpmbvMeyer lemon trees in the United States were imported from China. When this tree became popular in the United States and was highly prone to pests and diseases, it was banned. The reason behind the embargo was the spreading of a deadly virus to the other healthy tree bearing fruits.

The modern Meyer lemon tree is an improved species when compared to the one that was released in 1975. It is a hybrid of an orange and an ordinary lemon. It is a thin-skinned fruit that is delicious that turns orange or yellow when ripe. The mature tree usually attains a height of between six and ten feet. One of the ways of ensuring that this tree produces more fruits is by pruning.


One of the most important aspects of the growth of this tree is finding it the right and best location. Regardless of where the tree is planted whether in the ground or container, the tree needs at least six hours of sunlight daily. During summer when the temperatures are hot, the tree is best grown in the afternoon shade or the morning sun.

Soil conditions

hjkplmbvxThe Meyer lemon trees require fertile and well-draining soils. The draining soil should be able to hold enough water since the tree needs to be moist at all most times. The soil should be allowed to dry when irrigation. Exposing the roots of the tree to too much water might cause the roots to start rooting.

Fertilizers and humus should regularly be added especially during the flowering period. Fertilizer and humus make the tree produce huge and healthy lemons. When the leaves start turning yellow, you should either apply fertilizer or water them. Pruning should be done before the fruit develops.…