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Complete Lawn Mower Buying Guide


Whether your lawn is a small one or a large with several acres, it can offer you an enjoyable place to play or relax. After establishing your lawn, it needs regular mowing to maintain its appearance and healthy. On the other hand, choosing a wrong mower can turn your routine chore into drudgery. You need to carry out careful analysis. Other useful considerations include the style of mower, additional features, and cutting blades.

You should note that every style of lawnmower and blade has its unique combination of benefits, performance characteristics, and features. The price of these machines varies based on the model, make, and available features.

Choosing right size of mower

If you have a small lawn, the push mower is the ideal option. They are available in various widths. It takes less time and passes to cut the grass using a mower with wide cutting width. You will realize that a wide mower may not always be dtet3wett3r3y63the ideal option. For instance, if the area covered by grass is narrower or several tight turns are needed, in that case, a wide mower is unsuitable.

A tractor mower or riding mower is ideal for large lawns. You should determine whether there is adequate space for the mower to maneuver around between man made and natural features such as flower beds, walkways, and trees.

A riding mower is ideal for a lawn, which is between one and two acres. Due to their sizes, lawn tractors and riding mowers require a lot of storage space as compared to a typical push mower.

Cutting blades

There are two major types of mowers: rotary and reel. A rotary type uses circulating blade, which is mounted beneath a fiberglass, plastic, or metal housing. You will find that these mowers are less expensive as compared to the reel mowers. Moreover, they are very easy to maintain and operate. You will find them in both gasoline and electric models. The good thing about reel mowers is that they can trim grass that is shorter than a rotary mower.

Push Mower

This type of mower offers flexibility and performance needed by an average homeowner. In fact, these mowers are electric, manual, or gasoline powered. Electric models have a rechargeable battery or an electrical cord. These mowers are environmentally friendly. This is because they do not generate exhaust emissions.…