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Ways On How To Get Lyft Promo Codes For Existing Users


Lyft is a popular online ridesharing network that is widely known for its pink mustache. The pink mustache makes them easy to notice on the roads. Additionally, what makes them distinct is their safe and affordable rides that they provide. Besides, they also offer customers discounted prices and attractive promotional codes. New users and drivers also enjoy massive bonuses and free rides.You can check this out to get great promos and offers. However, some believe that once they enjoy the new users’ promotion, they no longer get any promotion. Existing Lyft users can also get promotional codes for free rides and that there are many different ways of doing so.

How to get Lyft promo codes

Special events promo codes

By partnering with some of the leading companies, one can get access to promotional codes when hosting special events such as sports or music festivals. It can be done in advance prior the actual day of the event for free Lyft rides.

Referral scheme bonuses

For those who have never had good luck in getting promotional codes from Lyft, they can access one through their special referral program. It involves referring a friend to gain credit. It is one of the easiest ways of getting a free ride from Lyft. Users can spread their word by the use of Lyft app. It is an excellent marketing tool for Lyft ideal for increasing their customer base. One can refer a friend who has not yet downloaded the app before.

Use the Lyft ambassador

It is anotherhn2ed7y2e7du82eid9o22 excellent tool existing users can utilize to in getting free credits and rides. Users can sign up to be brand ambassadors. Lyft pays its ambassadors to spread their word. They also recruit new riders and drivers every day in their platform. The ambassador program also provides cash payback and ride credits whenever a user refers new riders. The key thing about the program is that it requires one to be fully passionate about it. One can earn any amount they need with the program. It is one of the leading marketing strategies for the company.

Use Lyft app

Whenever one downloads Lyft app, they get access to new promo codes together with a free ride applied in their account. It is one of the largest players in the game and started operating in 2010.

On every first ride, Lyft provides a $50 discount to new users. Since they want to grow their business, existing users too can enjoy access to free rides. The above are the ways on how to get Lyft promo code for existing users. One thing about them is that when they benefit, its users also benefit.…