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How To Choose The Right Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags come in handy for anyone that loves mountain biking, traveling or just camping out. Ideally, a sleeping bag is a ready made bed that is meant for outdoor applications. As such, you do not need to carry a bed or make a temporary one when you are out there. However, not all sleeping bags are the same. You can be overwhelmed by the variety out there. Many features differentiate these bags. It could be the material used, temperature ratings, shape, and size among other features.

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Notably, you need to know and where to pick the right bag. This is an essential requirement before buying one. As much as there are many disguised sleeping bag brands, every shopper should not only focus on buying the best from www.wildernessfox.com but the suitability of the bag. Before investing in one, this article provides a detailed review of some of the features every buyer should out into consideration.


Most sleeping bags are made from either synthetic or natural materials. Natural materials include cotton, down, and wool. Of the three natural materials, wool offers great water retention properties, down is light and as excellent insulation properties, cotton is cheap. Notwithstanding, these three materials have their downsides, Cotton and down have good water retention properties, which are not favorable for sleeping bags used in the open. When looking at the synthetic materials, they offer better features. For instances, most of them show excellent water retention properties, quick dry and provide warmth. As such, sleeping bags made from synthetic material are perfect for different situations.


When shopping for a sleeping bag, the shape of the sleeping bag is an equally important consideration to make. As such, anyone with a car or car based camping can consider buying a sleeping bags with a big shape. On the other hand, a person going carrying it in their backpack should consider having a mummy-shaped bag. Its tapering shape reduces the load carried and the design is perfect for trapping heat.


This is one of the most important consideration to make when shopping for a sleeping bag. The bag chosen should have a rating that is appropriate for your situation. You should take into account the areas of applications or even the season you intend to use it on. Wherever you go, a sleeping bag is one of the most important accessories to have on board. However, it’s not just about having a sleeping bag; you need to buy the right one.…