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Top Famous Rugby Players

Despite rugby becoming professional in the 90’s, it is one of the most popular sports around and has already produces some famous rugby players. There are so many top and great rugby players that have shined in the game throughout the years. Below are some of the top rugby players that are famous:

sdsJonah Lomu

Lomu combined pace and power to dazzle his rugby components in games. He is regarded as the rugby union’s first ever true superstar and he helped the game grow in the 90’s. In the 1995 world cup, he only had 2 caps but went on to stun the world by scoring 7 tries in 5 matches helping New Zealand reach the final.

He was crucial to his team and helped it win the Tri Nations tournament in the year 1996 for the first time. He struggled with nephritic syndrome throughout his career but kept it as a well guarded secret. Sadly he died last night unexpectedly in Auckland.

Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson was not part of the England national team and was to play for his team back in 1993 but he however, was called to play as one starter had an injury and that was how he earned his first debut. He played well in that game as England beat France and after that he became a regular starter. In 1995 he helped England on their course to winning the Grand Slam. He was named the captain 4 years later and led England to winning the world cup in the year 2003. In 2008 he was appointed as the English manager until sometime after the world cup in 2011 where England performed poorly.

Dan Carter

he holds the title of the greatest kicker in the history of the game and holds the world record for earning points, after surpassing Jonny Wilkinson. He also holds the record of most points earned in the Tri Nations (presently Rugby Championships) with 1,381 points. He scored 33 points against the Irish Lions and British, almost double what any New Zealander has ever scored in one match. He made 29 tries for New Zealand and in every game he scored a try, All Blacks won.

David Campese

He is one rugby player who is known for entertaining the crowds of fans while racking tries. He was capped 101 times for his country Australia and held the world title for most tries until the year 2006. He was the player of the tournament in the 1991 world cup where Australia beat England in the finals. He described himself as the first millionaire of rugby.

Jonny Wilkinson

Wilkinson made his mark in the history of Rugby when he scored a drop goal in the last extra time minute to gift England the 2003 world cup title against Australia. He suffered injuries later on but silenced his critics by leading England up to the finals of the 2007 world cup, they lost narrowly to South Africa.

All of the above are some of the top famous rugby players.…