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Features Of The Strapping Machines


Selecting a strapping machine with the great features is a critical decision. Since the production can be impressive, delivery on time but if the finished product is not packaged properly, the customers will not be satisfied. And customer satisfaction is the primary purpose. Click on the highlighted link for more information on steel strapping.


hghghghghgghhThere are three types of strapping machines in the market, the semi-automatic machine, arch machine and fully automatic machine. The three have different features, but some are not necessary.


Selecting the right strapping machine will depend on your needs and the purchasing cost. If a strapping machine has many features, they will become the cause of high cost. Some of the common features to look for when selecting the right strapping machine are.

Auto feed

A strapping machine that has an auto feed will enable straps to be loaded on the dispenser by the operator, and he presses the power to switch the straps thread through the machine. If a strapping machine does not have an auto feed, the process can be so tiresome. So having a strapping machine with auto feed is worth the investment.

Free auto re-feed in the case of a jam

If a jam occurs or a miss-feed the free auto re-feed will be reefed and set the straps again. If the strapping machine that you are using does not have this feature, you will have to change the traps yourself and then restart the whole thing,

Loop ejection

When mistake activates a strapper, and it does not have thin feature, you will have to pull it out and do a manual reset. With the loop ejection. The machine will not need manual reset because it will reset its self and hit the small loop out. An amazing feature to have in a strapping machine for those in high-value productions.

Arch size

When setting the arch size is advisable that you use the largest package. Which is not one of the best ideas. Very large straps are so expensive when you combine the cost of a semi-automatic machine and the cost of a smaller arch this can be less the price of the largest arch. Having a second semi-automatic strapper will be useful in case the one you are using was to stop working.

Strap width

yttytytyttttytyStrap size is a critical question. The size of the strap should be based on the weight of the package. Then buy a strapper that is twice the size you have selected. Common sizes in the market are 5mm, 6mm,9 and 12mm.…