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How to decide for your first tattoo

working at tattoo

A tattoo can mean a lot, it can be used to express yourself, your personality, interests and it can also tell a story about you. Once you got your budget ready and even a research on where you’re getting your tattoo, it is time to choose the design that fits your liking. But how does one decide on their first drawing that’s going to go on the skin? Here we have listed a small guide on how to choose for your first tattoo.

The internet is your best friend

In this modern day, the internet can serve you as a source to inspire you on tattoos design that you’re going to choose. Make sure you pick the tattoo that fits you and can also describe you, look for categories that you want to make it easier to pick (illustrations, quotes, portraits, etc.)

full tattopTry to get a temporary tattoo

Let’s say that you finally pick a design and size of your tattoo, try to get a temporary tattoo on the part of your body that you want. Doing this will ensure you if you’re going to like that tattoo on your body or not, and also if you can accept that as a permanent part of your body, you can get removal later if you regret it that is.

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Ask your tattoo artist

This one is a no-brainer tip, make sure you consult your choices or ask for a suggestion from your tattoo artist. Bring along some pictures or designs that can inspire you and your artist as well, while consulting you can also ask about the size and where you’re going to put it on your body so that the artist can get a bright idea as well.

Tip: when choosing for a tattoo artist, always ask what the artist is proficient at (usually all tattoos are okay at doing quotes or lettering), try to find the artist that fits the category to your liking.

Make sure that it’s safe for workfull of tatto

If your work involves in appearing formal or professional, consider getting a tattoo on parts of your body that you can easily hide. These parts could be on your thighs, foot, upper arm and if you have long hair, the back of your neck works fine as well.…