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Using A Whizzinator To Pass A Urine Test


Whizzinator is the brand name of a product that imitates the appearance and functionality of a sexual organ. People can use it for different activities like sexual games or pranks. However, in most cases, it is used to pass a urine test. From the whizzinator review, the device helps someone substitute urine sample in a drug test done under strict supervision. On that account, it typically comes as a kit along with syringe, artificial urine and heater packs needed to maintain synthetic urine at body temperature. Using a Whizinattor to pass a urine test is as simple as squeezing the head of the synthetic penis to release the flow of urine.

Does Whizzinator Work for Drug Test?

It’s strongly advisable not to break any laws and use this prosthetic penis for illegal purposes, such as cheating lawfully administered drug tests. However, countless people use it to substitute their samples in different urine tests, and since they do it on a regular basis.

There is every likelihood that the Whizzinator is one of the best products available. If you are going to have a non-supervised test, there is no need for such preparation, but if you are going for a supervised test, the prosthetic penis will probably be a very useful thing. Using the fake penis isn’t difficult, and problems can only arise if you use wrong synthetic urine.

Using a Whizzinattor to Pass a Urine Test

Wet Play Preparation

First, you need to learn how to mix the dehydrated urine. Well, fill your syringe with the suitable amount of synthetic urine, and add about 80cc of tap water. Of course, you do not need someone to show you how to close the valve clip before filling the syringe.

Filling the Vinyl Bag

The second step is to remove any air from your vinyl pouch before transferring the contents of the syringe into the bag. Attach the heat pack to the plastic bag on the opposite side of the temperature strip. Ensure that the heat pack is connected to the bag, and not the belt.

adfcdafcwefWearing the Whizzinator

This is the most important step. To help maintain heating, make sure the strip temperature side of the vinyl pouch is placed to your skin. If this is done correctly, the empty side of the plastic bag should be against your skin and the heat pack should be on the opposite side of the plastic pouch. You can use the elastic straps to adjust the fit of the prosthetic penis.

Urinating with the Prosthetic Penis

It is strongly advisable that you practice using your prosthetic penis with water before you can put synthetic urine into it. Using you left hand, gently hold the tip of the Whizzinator and press it to prevent any flow of urine, now use your right hand to open the safety switch before the supposed urination. Once the safety switch is open, gravity will allow the urine to flow naturally.…